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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  March 4, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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referred to my hands if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. >> you may have thought nothing donald trump said would surprise you, but he's got people talking again tonight after last night's debate. >> we're following other stories, including a program that will give you another bathroom option downtown. >> von miller likes to dance on the field, but can he do it on the stage? we're told two people in monkey masks hit up a pot shop.
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two hours ago. >> reporter: that's right. police have been going bananas two suspects. they were dressed wearing monkey masks as they broke into the best meds of colorado at 48th and lamar. this best meds of colorado is a marijuana dispensary in wheat ridge. police tell us about 3:26 they were dispatched here with a report of two suspects wearing the masks, took a rock and broke into the store. what these two people did not know is there was an inside and he confronted them and they quickly ran out. police were here almost an hour and a half with k-9's from jefferson county along with wheat ridge police department scouring the area looking for the suspects. in the last 10 minutes police have wrapped this up. they said the rail went cold with the dogs, and if they get more information they're going to pass it on to us. incidentally, this dispensary
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the last time it was hit, two teenagers were arrested. we'll give you more information as soon as we get it. little bit chilly, dayle, what's going on with the weather? we are going to have a front that will move in later today. but this morning it's chilly. but at least it's mild, thanks to some of the clouds that we are dealing with keeping in a little bit of the heat from yesterday. here in denver downtown 42 degrees. have 30s. lakewood at 34. look at arvada, 51. broomfield you were in the 50s. you're down into the mid-40s. we're going to have these temperatures cool a little bit as we get some clearing aaout sunrise. then we're going to warm right back up into the low 60s. yesterday, but still well above where we should be. >> still a fantastic friday. all, right? good drive on the north side of town, and you know this hov, hot, the express lanes have
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you should start to use them in the next couple of weeks. got word that we could see it by mid-march we'll start to see those lanes open. will be free for a time until they test out the tolling system up that way. otherwise a decent ride on that north side of town. no significant delays on the north side of town, 10 to 15 minutes there. >> thank you, jayson. fireworks again as the republican presidential candidates debate. and once agaan, donald trump and marco rubio went at it. >> campaign for the last year donald trump has basically mocked everybody with personal attacks. >> this little guy has lied so much about my record. >> here we go. >> he has lied so much. >> do you see what happens when you challenge him on a policy issue? ask him about the economy, and
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>> don't worry about it, little marco. >> fox anchor megyn kelly was moderator. she and trump were civil. kasich and cruz were also at the debate. ben carson is not. he's expected some say to drop out of the race today. how truthful were the candidates last night? >> we know all political candidates exaggerate from time to time. donald trump has been known to make pretty bold statements. last night he once again repeated something he said about the 9/11 hijackers and their families. >> they knew what was happening. the wife knew exactly what was happening. they left two days earlier with respect to the world trade center and went back to where they went and watched their husband on television flying into the world trade center. >> not a single 9/11 hijacker had a girl or wife in the u.s. leading up to that day. most hijackers broke off contact with their families
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had a girlfriend in germany and she knew nothing about it. so it's false. let's get back over to mitch. former presidential candidate mitt romney's comments on trump. >> he had a lot to say. didn't mince words yesterday, urging americans to drop their support for donald trump. listen as he describes what he thinks trump is doing to our country. >> playing the members of the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. >> too early to tell if his speech will have an impact on the race. trump has a quarter of the delegates needed to win the party's nomination. you can do your own research on the candidates. head to our web site,, you'll politics section. if denver business owners get their way you'll have more places to go to the bathroom. they're hoping a mobile rest room will keep people from going in inappropriate places. denver7 reporter jason gruenauer joins us with more on
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>> reporter: we are here, this stretch of colfax right at clarkson on capitol hill, one of the busiest stretches for bus routes and pedessrian foot traffic, things like that. the one thing all those people have in common, at some point or another they all have to go. after some business owners and residents complained, the city is turning to a portable public rest room. take a look at the trailer. it houses three toilets, set to be open next monday. they hope it cuts down on people going in inappropriate places like in alleys or sidewalks. it will be open noon to midnight and moved out of the cleaned. it will have an attendant to make sure everything runs okay. this portable rest room isn't just for the homeless or locals. asked, too. they're visiting here because colorado and can't find a place to use the rest room. i think it's definitely a great
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>> reporter: the cost would be about $150,000 for the city per year. if this pilot program works, the city may also look into adding another one at a different location. the city is also looking at reopening or remodeling several of its other public rest rooms that are already existing at several city parks around denver. reeorting live here along colfax at clarrson on capitol hill, jason gruenauer denver 7. >> we'll see how clean they >> thanks, jason. sports authority is closing another location, this comes after the company filed for about. sports authority says its closing the store off west bowles. that would bring a total of four local stores closing. are closing. 143 locations for sports authority going out of business.
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l mvp von miller will be on the dance floor. >> he'll be dancing on "dancing with the stars." eric lupher is at sports authority field at mile high. nobody wants him to get hurt. >> reporter: some say that ballet and things like that help a player's agility. look at him. look at his moves. just makes you want to dance yourself. yeah. let's take a look at the history, shall we, of the nfl when it comes to "dancing with the stars." got information for you. jerry rice was the first player to take on the dance floor on season two. emmett smith won in season 3. and two other players will join miller on season 24. doug flutie and antonio brown. the official reveal of the cast is this monday, the 8th.
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season premier is march 21st. a good thing for the nfl to do dancing, like the cha cha. we'll dig deeper into the benefits of dancing for nfl players coming up just after 5:30. this is big for vonn. back to you. >> eric considers that cross training, i guess. i want his focus to be on the game. let him have some fun. >> he'll be good. colorado avalanche beat the starting goalie. it was calvin pickard. made 38 saves, including 24 in the third period. incredible. twitter. >> they starteddtweeting bruno mars from the super bowl. then the broncos, they did a tweet with betty white, beat the panthers.
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>> it's betty white, can't lose there. >> never. she is awesome. right now being a soldier mostly a an's game. but the u.s. military is working to change that. we'll explain what they're doing to attract more women. >> it's no secret colorado likes craft beer, but what about craft beef? >> our winds are pretty quiet as you can see across the metro area. wind speeds from5 to 10 miles per hour. move into the foothills and we are seeing stronger winds and unfortunately, they are all going to pick up this afternoon. >> highway speeds for the most part in the 60s and 70s. we have road debris reported chains dropped on i-70 not too far from brighton boulevard on
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>5:13. sad news to report out of washington, three kids are killed in a house fire
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there were reportedly four people inside the house, a mother and her three children. the mother escaped the fire. the fire department now investigating. new developments out of % north korea, where kim jong-un said his country's nuclear war heads need to be ready for use at any time. firing six short range missiles yesterday, brought you to that as breaking news yesterday. he says his country must protect itself against the united states. but the u.s. doesn't believe they have the capability to hit us in the u.s. u.s. military beginning to recruit women, and they're making changes, including facilities. they would monitor training and assault charges. still, it's likely to take about three years to fully positions.
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beginning this month they'll offer at least $13 an hour for these positions. the ceo says it's important to raise the pay considering the job's physical demands. one thing you won't find at costco, craft beef. nicole joins us. >> pretty cool as long as you're not a vegetarian. a way to get your beef directly from the rancher. this is the web site, get in on the next cow. strangers come together to pick their own cuts of meat from a specific cow. once all 50 plus shares of the cow are sold, it's butchered, dry aged and mailed right to you. >> you go to the grocery store, it's typically mystery meat. whereas we think it should be marketed and sold and exploreed like micro brews or wine.
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approved and as far as the price, apparently it's comparable to what you'd find at whole foods. unfortunately, this company is not delivering to colorado yet, but says they're quickly expanding. no vegetarians here, right? >> no. >> my first thought was the price. >> yeah. we'll see. >> i don't know what the best cut is from the cow. i'd have to learn more. >> interesting concept, right? >> it is. let's talk about the weather. still spring, feels like. >> it's not until monday when we'll see our temperatures really drop. cooler than yesterday, but really 5 degrees difference in most locations you're not going to feel it. this morning we have clouds, again that's helping keep our temperatures pretty mild early on this morning. give the kids a jacket. they're not going to need it this afternoon, but it's chilly
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greeley only 27 degrees. in fort collins it's 37. here in denver we're in the 40s. in the high country temperatures in the 20s. our warmup is pretty decent. even with the front. 62 the high later on this afternoon. look how quickly we're going to jump back into the 60s. and tonight for your friday night, pretty mild. we have a slight chance for rain showers. i'll show you where coming up in just a second. look at these high 3 temperatures, 64 longmont. 62 boulder and erie. littleton a high off65. foothills in the 50s. the winds we've been talking about, they'll pick up again this afternoon. still not looking for them to be extreme winds. maybe gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour. the front that will drop in will mostly affect the northeast corner of the state. the southeast corner not going to be dealing with this fronn at all. look at these temperatures. pueblo 74.
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they're going to blow the 60s out. up in the mountains, 40s and 50s, so mild. here are the rain showers, between 2:00 and 4:00 as the front moves through afterwards, could have rain showers. there along the foothills. metro area really should stay mostly dry. if you are a little bit closer off to the west you could pick up one of those. as far as the clouds, though, going to clear overnight and more sunshine tomorrow. today it's going to be partly to mostly cloudy. warmer tomorrow. winds will quiet down. sunday we warm up more. more clouds and late sunday night a chance for rain showers down here. looking for snow in the high countty. that could continue on monday. if we see snow down here, monday to tuesday, it's going to be really light. >> we have a very good drive. been dry in the highways, even in the high country, no delays on i-70.
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both the highway and side streets moving along fine. far. some slow traffic by i-76. but looking at the cameras i haven't seen slow raffic. to 120th. east side of town looking really nice. no problems along parker or havana. alameda looking fine, as is chambers and mississippi. you can see 6th and tower road, all moving along fine. easy drive through aurora. southbound. 5:19. you could call it car free living. it's the newest trend in denver, tiny apartments and tiny price tags because there's no parking. >> the new concept will be built on a small open lot in 5 56 units.
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no parking, which has neighbors `oncerned. >> some days i have to park a block away or something. i might be one of the few, but yes, i'm willing to see how it goes. >> the developer says in a statement "it's designed to be affordable, minimalistic andd perfect for those who don't have a car, just a block from a light rail and bus station." there's a similar project in the works at 14th and court. denver is trying to solve the odor problem. >> we probably got, you've probably had a whiff of that as occasion. we talked to someone who describes it better than we could. >> we have a unique mix of marijuana, dog food, meat rendering, waste water treatment and oil refinery. >> as people move in they will start to experience these odors
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>> he odor control plan asks businesses to minimize their partment of environmental health will brief city council on this next month. 5:20. notice anything off bout this license plate? yeah, it's not fooling anyone, pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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child wrestling you might worry about them breaking a bone. but you probably don't think about them catching herpes. a high school wrestler in california says he caught it at a competition, likely through skin to skin contact and he's worried his teammates might catch it. >> they need to be stopped from wrestling or the state tournament needs to be postponed so just trying to prevent this disease from getting to other people. >> most wrestling officials do the skin checks for herpes. but some high school athletes apparently use band-aids or make-up to cover up the lesions so they won't be disqualified. soccer icon brandy chastain says she'll donate her brain to boston university when she dies so researchers can study cte. a study found athletes who
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their head had similar symptoms as concussions. a trooper pulled over this driver, but instead of following the orders, the man drives off, but the trooper was half in the car. he drove about 500 feet before custody. fortunately the deputy is okay. a woman in new york thought this would fool cops. not necessarily. she made this fake license plate out of cardboard and paint. she was busted. not only did she not have a real license plate, she was driving with a suspended registration and no insurance. >> that's real bad. >> that's like boom, boom, boom. >> i know. >> three tickets right there, i think. >> did she really think a cardboard plate was going to work? >> use a stencil or something so the letters are even. >> something. >> here's a ruler, man. >> got to love some people. gives us something to talk
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the weather, nothing to talk about. winds later this afternoon. yesterday was nice. it was quiet. temperatures 62 degrees here in denver will be the high. here's the bigger difference, aa mix of sun and clouds today. partly to mostly cloudy at times. slight chance of rain showers in the foothills. look at these temperatures, low 60s across the metro area. >> still not a bad day. very easy drive around town, no significant accidents or stalls on or off the highways. i-25 and alameda, the northbound side, the southbound overall map easy driving all around town. this is just popping up around colfax and i-25. i'll investigate that and see what's going on in the next report. thank you, jayson. 5:26. some schools in our state are struggling to get teachers. stepping in to help out. >> you've seen him bust the moves on the football field and
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5:30. we're following breaking news out of wheat ridge, where two people in a monkey mask hit up a pot shop. >> daryl orr joins us from where this all happened. daryl. >> reporter: mitch and kellie, at about 3:26 this morning wheat ridge police were dispatched to the est meds colorado marijuana dispensary here at 4800 north lamar street in wheat ridge. police were going bananas trying to find these two suspects dressed wearing a monkey mask. police tell us they used a big brickk smashed through the glass and when they got inside they were surprised an employee was standing right there and they quickly ran on foot and left the scene. shortly afterwards jefferson county sheriff's office came out here with k-9's, searched unfortunately, the trail went cold and they quickly wrapped


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